“I wish all books on music were like this” – Lloyd Sachs’ T Bone Burnett: A Life in Pursuit, Reviewed in Leading Spanish Rock Mag Ruta 66

17795797_1672782076072565_8407137730865863150_n    IMG_1932

Here are (loosely) translated highlights of Jordi Pujol Nadal’s fantastic review, part of a T Bone package in the March issue of Ruta 66:

“A precise and detailed portrait of Burnett’s work that, for those who enjoy thoughtful  studies, works more as a thesis than a biography.”

“The story, rich in details and anecdotes, engages as well as impresses, with previously unpublished information, commentaries from friends and revelations on what happened in the studio.”

“Sachs, a skilled rat of digital libraries, shines in the contextualization – he always has juicy statements that help us to understand this subject or that disc.”

“Read it. You will be amazed at how much you learn. I wish all books on music were like this.”

Thank you, Jordi!

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